Is it possible that there is no main water shut up valve?

I am just starting my home inspection studies and I sort of use my personal residence when applying my studies.

I absolutely cannot find the main shut-off to save my life. I live in Florida - no basement or crawlspace. I looked all around outside the home especially by the breaker panel. I looked on the ground by the street for that green circular cover. I checked inside the city’s meter at the street to see if my valve was inside there. Nothing!

I recently had work done to the home and they had to turn the water off at the street because they couldn’t find it either. Granted, my home was built in the '40’s, but is it possible I don’t have one?

Any suggestions?

It is possible, especially with older homes. There will always be a shutoff at the meter (I have never seen one without a stop) usually in the form of a stop ****. If this is your only shutoff, make sure that you have a way turn it off. If you can’t operate it with a wrench or pliers, get a meter key for emergencies.

One small area I sometimes work in, it’s common for homes to not have a shut off valve at the house, and only at the meter.

So, it’s possible.

I suggest you install a main shut off at the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

My in-laws previous place, in Florida, had the main shut off near the street under a green plastic cover.

Did you look behind/below the water heater?

Yes, it’s possible.

You need to locate the main where it enters the house, usually on slabs I see them coming up through the floor in the utility/laundry area.

If there’s no shut-off valve installed within a foot or two of where the main comes out of the slab, you should have one installed.