Is it possible to name that siding

I have pics, and code on back. Is it possible to determine if it asbestos siding, 48 inch long pieces.

Never saw 48 inch pieces never saw Asbestos mounted this way .
The only way I know to be sure is to send in a piece for testing .

Actually Roy, the code on the back is a strong chance in determining the material.

Go for it I had no luck

It is a unusual cement siding, especially the 48 inch lengths

The code is only useful to the manufacturer, of which that would be???

Fiber-cement siding that may contain significant percentage of asbestos. The only way to know for sure is to have it tested. Looks like it’s from the era during which asbestos was still commonly used.

Best bet is to send that photo to used building material yards, especially those that stock historical tile (often stock historical siding too).


It looks like transite, but I’ve never seen transit with a straight bottom edge

Good point I do not think I have either Kenton.

Like you said earlier

Although as a less is more narrative writer myself, I would not include the phrase (significant percentage).

Actually, that bottom edge is a metal trim piece

Agreed. Looks like a some kind of Z flashing or hold-up system. Straight bottoms on ACM cement siding shingles is common (more than scalloped edge). The thing that is not common is the 48" length.