Need help identifying this type of siding.

Good evening everyone,

I completed a HI on a duplex in St Pete and I need a little help identifying the siding material.

The siding appears to be some sort of cement mixture tiles. The structure was built in 1930 and I believe it is asbestos siding tiles. What do you guys thing?

Also if it is asbestos tiles does anyone have any good narratives they use in their reports for this type of material.

Thanks for any help or feedback.


Thanks for the link John,

I think I will identify the material as “cement siding”, provide the same link, and state that testing should be conducted to determine if the siding contains asbestos.

I appreciate the quick response.

Most likely that siding has asbestos due to age. There are alternative cement fiber replacements for damaged siding shingles. No need for testing…just assume that is “apparent” asbestos and recommend repairs to damaged areas by qualified contractor. They are difficult to work with due to being very brittle.

I think it is asbestos too. Recommend CYA statement on report. Exterior siding appears to be asbestos material in this Inspectors opinion. Recommend further evaluations by a qualified environmental specialist prior to the end if any option period and/or closing.

Looks like asbestos siding to me. No need to raise alarms all over the place just list it and have some verbal notes with the buyer. It’s not harmful until it’s disturbed and they can even encapsulate it to avoid any further issues. The right contractor knows how to remove it and dispose of it. We see it all over the place around here.

Hey guys,

i just wanted to say thanks again for the feedback.

I wrote up a nice narrative regarding asbestos siding which included some basic information as well as disclaimer that the buyer have testing done if its an area of concern.

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Non-friable ACM.

Had it on my Fathers House. Made repairs as a youngster with the old Man.

You needed this tool to install it also.


Brings back old memories. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t the extra expense it takes to dispose of this product be noted? Everything is fine and dandy with covering and painting but when it has to be removed and disposed of, it can get quite expensive.

Unless you are an asbestos abatement contractor, refer to a contractor for repairs. It is their responsibility to identify the product. Good point on verbal communication with the client and link. It is broken in one pic and indicates replacement. When the material is found to be asbestos it is EXPENSIVE to remove as it must be contained and properly disposed of. This has been a variable topic for decades.

Hi Thomas,

I chose not to discuss what extra expenses may be associated with the removal of this type of siding. In my narrative I did mention that the buyer should consult with a licensed professional on the proper methods of repair, or removal.

When completing inspection reports I try to stay away from offering any feedback regarding potential costs.


OK, that’s acceptable but I notify the potential buyer of potential cost if or when they will renovate or upgrade. I will typically ask them their intentional use for the residence-rental, flip or live in for how long of a period. Such as an overlay on an existing three tab composition shingle even when it is in good condition. I respect your thoughts, though.
Good luck

A verbal discussing regarding the intent is not a bad idea at all. I will keep that in mind moving forward.

Thanks again for the feedback