"Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?"

At the request of another member, I’m reposting this link to an article I wrote awhile back.

“Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?”](http://www.b4uclose.com/articles/fluorcarbonmonoxide.mht)

Have you checked YOUR detector recently?

You do have one, don’t you?

I would recommend you remove the personal recommendations because of liability. Always reference an agency as the source of the information. Example, “Per the NFPA all bedrooms should have blah, blah, blah.”



P.S. My 4 bedroom home ~1500 sq.ft has:

2 co detectors, hard wired & interconnected.
7 smokes, hard wired interconnected.
2 smokes, battery and centrally monitored.
1 heat detector in garage, hard wired, but not yet interconnected.
1 - 1A10BC extinguisher (in kitchen due to small size for easier handling).
1 - 3A40BC extinguisher, in garage.
3 - 8A70B foam extinguishers on each level of home, no C rating since only rated to 240 volts.
1 - second floor escape ladder.
1 - hardwired escape lights in basement.
? - flash lights on each floor
? - etc.

So I love when a client asks if getting smoke detectors are necessary. :smiley:

Also remember that COensors have a life of around 5 years.

Pushing the test button only test the electronics not the sensors ability to sense CO.


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Good article!!

I always insert this pamphlet in all my reports. IMO Part of our Job is to educate.