Is it worth it?

I came across the Internet page for International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). I don’t know these folks.

Can someone, please, tell me: is their certification worth getting to show as a good professional accreditation?


I doubt that it would be worth it for a home inspector or easy to obtain.

I believe that just about anyone can be an associate member by simply paying the yearly $102 fee. They do offer some good information if you want to learn more about the NEC and electrical inspections. Being a member can get you into local chapter meeting where you can interact with inspectors and electricians.

Once upon a time the IAEI held a lot of promise for us as the ASE (think mechanics) of the electrical trade.

They were, like so many organizations, somewhat an altruistic sidearm , accomplishing much for local apprenticeships, dovetailing with electrical bureaucracies , etc…

But like many associations and organizations of tenure, they failed to make a dent in the public perception of ‘electrical inspector’.

Much of my past experience(s) are simply meetings with a lotta high 5’s and awards for each other. And my now old and faded Inspector General IAEI cert and a dime might get me a cup o’ Joe


Thank you, guys. I appreciate the answers