Electrical Inspector?

Hi gang, I’m an Electrical Contractor and am in the process of studying for the ICC Electrical Inspector exams.

I don’t wish to become a Home Inspector but I would like to focus on specifically electrical inspections. Since I’ve been an Electrical Contractor for 25 years I could also give cost information on making corrections. However I would not volunteer my services to make the repairs due to the perception of impropriety. I know that Home Inspections are not “Code” inspections but are aimed at discovering existing and potential problems.

The main reason for my pursuit of ICC inspector credentials is to enhance the image of my electrical business but secondarily I want to supplement my income with inspections.

My questions are these:

Is this a viable business?

Do Home Inspectors ever need to bring an ICC electrical inspector onto the job to examine and document electrical deficiencies?

I’ve heard that sometimes on very large homes, HI’s may perform the inspection accompanied by specialized inspectors such as plumbing, electrical, etc. Is this true?

Any advice or suggestions you could make would be greatly appreciated.

I am a past member of Nachi, but not presently a member.



To be honest , it seems to me that a good Electrician stands to make a whole lot more money by actually going out to give an estimate and doing the repairs, rather than just inspecting , then recommending others.

All training is good however, and certifications can only help.

You may wish to speak with Paul Abernathy or Joe Tedesco on this.

I know both those men, I think I’ll talk to Joe…