Is NACHI online courses good for indiana CE

does anyone know if Indiana approves NACHI on line courses for CE
i e-mail the license board but never get a answer

My recollection is that it was written into the law back when that all courses approved by a trade association in the inspection industry are automatically approved for CE. If you can find the legislation we might be able to find that section.

Contact Ken Jones, President of the Tri-State chapter. If they are not approved, he can get them approved.

Hope this helps;


Again, my recollection is that they are auto approved within the state law. Do you have a link to the law?

Our staff is in contact with the licensing board this morning to see if they will come around to the 21st century and accept online courses for CE purposes. It appears that the law talks about “attendance” on page 33 and 34 of

I’ll let you know what they decide in terms of accepting better, less expensive, more convenient, more advanced, easily repeated, more robust, custom paced education in IN.