Is NAHI referring to C.M.I. ????

Can I still apply with only a 175.00 application cost? :mrgreen:

Other than that it sure seems as if they’re referring to (at least it appears so)

Great find thanks Mario… Cookie

Who the hell is getting THAT for a home inspection? Who do they think we are, Realtors? :shock: :roll:

Does somebody actually read that stuff before they post it?

This is typical. If they post some message implying that one can pay $175 and get a “master inspector” designation, the result will be for consumers to think that is true and steer away from anyone using a designation like that.

Never mind that it is an outright lie. This is how they operate. Fabricate lies, disseminate them, file bogus lawsuits and cry fowl when anyone raises a voice to complain about their deliberate efforts to mislead the public. They are being rather careful not to specifically name names but all that proves is that they are complete COWARDS who know they are lying.

I sure hope someone points this message out to Mallory so they can use this message as an example of why the Michigan court should now force NACHI to censor the message board while they can continue to publish lies on pages their website.

For that kind of change, I’d do one inspection a day at most, and probably quit taking appointments after 3 per week. Hell, at they rate, why do more than one a week? Average here is running about $250k, times 1% = $2500 per week, times 50 weeks = $125k. Yep, used house salesman, I mean Realtor type money. And still have 2 weeks off for vacation. :mrgreen:

Actually, I have a question. Is this in federal court? Because if this is in state court, they can go pound sand. NACHI isn’t a Michigan corporation and not subject to their court’s juridiction. My understanding was that it was transfered from PA to MI because NAHI is headquartered there. And even if the court does order moderation, it will never withstand a constitutional free speech challenge.

InterNACHI is supposed to be in a state of truce with NAHI. It’ll take a little while for past badmouthing to stop showing up online. Since the only date on this post from NAHI is the July calander visible to the left, hopefully this stuff won’t continue to reappear. Still it only takes one person from any organization to start badmouthing and give the appearance of bad feeling between the two again, best not to pay too much attention if possible, even though it’s hard to ignore blatant provocation (from the truly clueless).


According to Nick, we’re headed back to court.

So much for truce, or truth.

WTF jurisdiction does the state of Michigan have over NACHI’s message board, fu@k the state of Michigan, simple solution… Host the message board server outside of Michigan.

A Michigan court (or any state court) court could, conceivably, order a thread to be shut down… in theory, at least.

Of course, a change of venue to say, Federal court, would strike such an order down.

A Michigan court (or any state court) court could, conceivably, order a thread to be shut down… in theory, at least.

Of course, a change of venue to say, Federal court, would strike such an order down.

Anyone wishing their own copy of the deposition to post on a variety of message boards, their own blogs, etc…can obtain a copy by emailing me. NAHI will have to file suit in a variety of venues to keep their secrets from being revealed.

James -

Your inspection fee’s don’t typically average out to about 1% of the sales price??

I’ve seen the words “Master Inspector” many places in the past few years including one of the Pro-Licensing KC ASHI Chapters and a Pro-Licensing ASHI Inspector in Wichita named Jeff Barnes if memory serves me correctly.

No, the PA case is a suit initiated by NACHI against only PA members, chapter and PHIC. Michigan is the court that was to hear the case that was settled. The filed a motion in that court to compel NACHI to censor the message board. Apparently they seem to think that failing to do so is a violation of the agreement NACHI and NAHI reached.

The NAHI statement to it’s members regarding the settlement seems to show that they have some fundamental misunderstanding of the terms and scope of the agreement they entered into.

I wish.

Well, unless NACHI has the org. incorporated in Michigan, or the servers or other computer support are in that state, they have no jurisdiction over this message board. Are NAHI’s attornies incompetent or just plain ‘stoopid’? Aren’t Chris and the others in PA, where NACHI originated?

And was the motion ajudicated? If they reached a settlement, and the motion hadn’t been ruled on, its moot anyway. Their agreement to the settlement would render it void if it was covered in the settlement sent to the judge.

One would suspect that they are filing the motion on the presumption that the agreement has been somehow violated by NACHI. The judge can look over the agreement and see if censoring the message board was part of the agreement and may be able to enforce it or possibly let the case proceed as if the agreement were void.