Nick did you

Tic this company off??? :shock::shock::shock::shock:

Wow, What difference does it make to them what we charge our members? If They are questioning NACHI’s legitimacy in a public place, they are opening themselves up to a large lawsuit, and they can learn what ONLY $295 times 10,000 members can do!

Michael it’s more like 4-6K members if I recall right. However, calling NACHI a scam via the public is taking a step in the wrong direction. Interesting to see how NICK handle’s this one.

It sounds like Jay thinks NACHI is a company that provides inpections for the membership as he does and doesn’t realize we’re all independent inspectors and do not work for NACHI. Nick I think you should enlighten him.

It’s just an ad, advertizing to hire inspectors, in the local sunday paper that is read by a couple million or so.

Nick if you get em, I want a cut :):slight_smile:

The question I have is… he says they charge $250 an inspection and the inspector makes $250 an inspection what money does he make? The math does not add up.

I stand corrected

Reading further on their site, they are Selling “business packages” for 89$, plus selling website packages, plus you pay THEM $35 for a completed inspection… Thats bold.

Doesnt make sense to me why a basketball player is a founder of an inspection service??? its like a car mechanic being a founder of a medical proffession association,stay within your level of knowledge and experience…Hey maybe i"ll be a founder of a trip to the moon organization LOL…NACHI is a home inspector association/organization for us the independent home inspection business owners that work for themselves not a company that hires home inspectors…we are not in that catagory,and to make statements like forclosurebankinspector have done on their site to NACHI just tells us they are afraid of NACHI because we are to big of a association out there and its easier for them to put us down…shows their integrity doesnt it???

Did you send this to Nick? Please do, if you didn’t.

I wouldn’t send them any money:

Also, checkout Detroit BBB.

Dear Mr Vincent, please remove any and all remarks about NACHI form your web page, or, at the request of my client, we will be forced to sue in the amount of

Dr. Evil, Esq.
Attorney at Law

I don’t think anyone visits his site enough for us to care: