Is space underneath elevated home considered a garage?

Most homes built next to the beach are elevated and most owners use the space for parking their vehicles, storing boats, and other combustibles. Does code categorize this space as a garage which would require 1-hour fire rating to floor structure? I have seen some instances where sheetrock covers the ductwork soffits and floor structure and some that are not covered in sheetrock.

Are you referring to an open carport type space or an enclosed space with a vehicle door? Non enclosed carport type space in my area does not need to be fire rated.

Hope this helps.

That does help, thank you. Now I need to get into the definition of enclosed. Many of the elevated homes have vertical wooden slats spaced such that flood venting requirements are met but also have garage doors to keep stored items relatively hidden from view. Perhaps the wood slat spacing is seen by building officials as that area not being “enclosed” or “attached” and, consequently, not deemed a “garage” in accordance with IRC R302.6?

Also look into the definition of “intended use”… i.e. …"as built, it’s intended use if for xxxx, but the current homeowner has jerry rigged it so he can use it for xxxx!