Is the HRV part of the SOP


Is the inspection of the Heat recovery ventilation unit part of the standards of practice?



Should be!! It is now a major system in many newer houses that may/will save the house from IAQ/mould/rot problems. (note: I began installing HRV’s in 1981)

It is a rare occurrence when I see one that is completely serviced and running properly…most homeowners do not understand (have not been instructed properly) on how to service them. Also, some models have had their own design flaws such as overheating motors (now on recall), failing damper defrost motors, disconnected internal damper rods…so it will be a help to the buyer if you can pick up on those items as the replacement installed cost for a unit can be up to $1500 for an average unit without lots of bells and whistles.

Yes, the inspection of mechanical ventilation systems are a part of the SOP.

However some units cannot be opened as easily as others.
And some should not be opened at all if you are not HVAC certified.
The best thing to do is not go out of your comfort zone unless you have the knowledge as to how these units work.
Take a picture of the supply and exhaust hoods outside and several pictures of the unit, when you get back to your office check for any problems with particular style and note them in your report.:grin: