Is the Property level question...Need advice.

I had a client as me if I can determine if his residence is level… I told him
I could not. The client mentioned that another Inspector on a different property gave him measurement as to the property being level.

Anybody ever heard of this? Who would be the proper contractor to do this?



Do you mean the residence’s floor/foundation? Many inspectors that do new construction inspections for builder’s warranty companies use a digital water level. You can take measurements all ove the house while using a base position as your point of origin.

Remember properties are not REQUIRED to be perfectly level.


thanks for the feedback.


I just roll a ball on the floor.

Sounds like a fluff job by the other inspector. But why couldn’t you do it. Check the floors with a regular 4 footer. (Or even a 2 footer which I do if a floor looks out of whack). If they want more either a water level, or a builders transit. Easy if you have any building back ground.

you can buy a self leveling laser for about 100 bucks. why couldnt you do it?