Need a little clarification

200 amp main disconnect at the meter. Service(sub?) panel at the house with a 200 amp disconnect at the top of the panel. I called it a sub panel and called out the neutral bus was still bonded to the enclosure. Another sub panel in the basement, with most of the breakers for the house, was wire correctly. Was I correct here? Thanks for your input !

Did you take the cover off the exterior panel? Was it feeding into the house from that breaker?

From the information I have, I’d call the panel at the meter the service entrance equipment (main) panel. The other panels are load side equipment (sub) panels.

I think you were correct, but can’t be certain.

Yes Joe, the feed from the this panel went inside to the other sub panel. The last 3 pics above are the exterior panel. Thanks for your input!

The service equimpment is the first point of disconnect. It is only there that the nuetral and ground wires are bonded together.

Sometimes needs repeating. . .

You were correct in regarding the exterior panel. It is not the service equipment. The service disconnect is at the meter.