Is this a conflict of interest?

I get A LOT and I repeat A-LOT of calls from clients that tell me that the seller’s agent referred them to an inspector that was on their “Preferred Vendors” list.

My clients tell me that they felt really uncomfortable using the “Realtors Inspector”.

Most people can see an ambush coming from a mile away.

PS: This issue has been debated before. Someone even posted a link to a video on this subject.

But as we all know, different people, different organizations, and different states have different ethics.

Most likely true. A few months ago, SDAR did a survey of its members and found that fully 84% of its members said that their Clients accepted their referrals for home inspectors, escrow companies, etc.

As we all know some people have NO ethics, or sense of right or wrong.
They will screw over anyone for the almighty dollar.


ART tells me that in 5½ years and thousands of inspections, we have had exactly seven Clients tell us that they found us independently because they didn’t want to use their Realtor’s preferred inspector.

And those people exist in every industry. So?


I must be getting the calls from the other 16%.

Besides wasn’t this poll done by Realtors for Realtors?

Who is to say that it is a valid poll?
All it states is “Hooray for Our Side”!

With all due respect…A Poll about Realtors, for Realtors? …Oh Pleeeaaassee!


Who is Art:twisted: , and how can you verify this information. What are their names? When did they call?
More importantly how can I verify this information?:roll:

More importantly than the 1st more importantly *WHY:shock: *would I want to verify this information??? :smiley:

Unless it is legal in one’s state and one practices full disclosure and does an excellent job for his Clients, regardless of which hat he is wearing. Some states that allow it don’t even require full disclosure, but as the major brokerages teach their agents, “When in doubt, disclose.” They don’t teach, “When in doubt, don’t.” :mrgreen:


No. It was done by the San Diego Union-Tribune using SDAR’s membership rolls, which SDAR agreed to. Thus, it was done for the buying public.


I find it hard to believe. Send it to us.


ART records all of that, of course. You can see a portion of ART’s system in this thread:

ART’s the best friend I have when it comes to business and customer service. You should be so lucky to have such a good friend in business with you. :wink:


The San Diego Union-Tribune won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for the investigations into former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s fraud. He’s in prison for 8 years or so. The Union-Tribune is a hard-axxed paper, not one that I would want investigating me. I’ll see if I can find the article for you; I’m sure I still have it somewhere amongst all these margarita bottles. :margarit:

As you stated “***the major brokerages teach their agents” ***this does not mean that it is written into any “Code of Ethics” and that they are OBLIGATED to disclose anything at all.

Real Estate agents are in the business of “Selling”. They do not earn a commission on a lost sale, or an inspection conducted by a “Deal Killer”.

I will put this as politely as I can.
It is way to convenient for a Realtor who is married or shacking up with another Realtor / Inspector to rip off a potentail buyer.

It is ludicrous for any Realtor / Home Inspector to say “Trust me! Even though I spend the majority of my time selling Real Estate out of this office and my wife or partner works in this office I am Impartial

*]I don’t see how anyone can expect to defend this position.



WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, after the first 15-posts I stopped reading this link. From your comments about Ms. Margarita & Dr. Cuervo getting in bed I gather that “ART” is an imaginary friend from your childhood days.

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Didn’t say that it was. However, agents who don’t follow the rules laid down by their brokers can lose their real estate licenses, very easily.

That’s such a ludicrous statement and shows that you have no idea what a Realtor does.

Another ludicrous statement. Good real estate agents, and I think that’s about 95% of them, about the same percentage as good home inspectors, do indeed earn a commission on a lost sale or an inspection conducted by a deal killer because they know that the only person who can lose a sale is the Realtor himself by not working in the best interests of his Clients.

I apparantly have more faith (such a beautiful word that has been trashed by organized religion) in humanity than do you. I certainly don’t believe that all of humanity is out to rip off the rest of humanity, as you, JB, JM, and JB II seem to believe.

Well, first, I believe that one should never be impartial. One should always be extremely partial and biased in favor of one’s Clients. If one does that, then one would practice full disclosure, and if full disclosure of such positions is allowed in one’s states, than I’m all for it. The simple fact that one practices full disclosure indicates to me that one is not out to rip off society.

Well, that explains it. As much as I like helping people, I really don’t like helping certain people, so I’m glad you quit reading it. :wink:

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Your point is valid and right on target. Some people have a difficult time making the distinction between what is “legal” and what is “the right thing to do”.

The ethics of business would dictate to one wanting to present an ethical image to the public that he eliminate so much as the appearance of wrongdoing. It would be unethical for this person mentioned in the orginal post to inspect a house he is selling.


Man, I could have written that…that’s all so true for me.

How is this situation different from the post a couple days ago about inspecting your husband/wife’s sales? I did not see anyone jumping in on that.

Personally, I see this as a clear conflict of interest (and on the other post). How you deal with that conflict is a personal business decision.