Black Balled from Real Estate Office

Hey guys I need some advise, here is my situation…I have been a Lisc. Home Inspector for approx. 7 yrs in LA. I am also the only inspector in the area that preforms thermal image inspections. I have a local real estate company that will not allow me to inspect any of there listed homes. Their reasoning is due to the fact that I am to “nit-picky”. Is this an ethical or legal violation?

So if someone hires you to inspect one of their homes, will they let you in?
Are you going to the agents for work?

I would also guess anyone has the right not to hire you.

From what I understand you got to prove legally that Realtors are discouraging the use of you for inspecting homes from their clients, such as something in writing, other than that it is just hearsay. If you can’t, welcome to our club. You will now need to figure out a niche that bypasses the Realtors. I wish you good luck, and I know that it can be done because I and others have already done it.

There’s a local office around here that has yet to send me the 1st job in 5 years. The other day I was passing by and felt the call of nature. I stopped by their office, asked to use their bathroom, and left them a present. Walked out smiling and waving. :grin: Dang if I didn’t forget to turn on the fan. ](*,)

Did you know it’s a law that any commercial building has to make bathroom facilities available to the public?

Being too nit-picky can lead to both ethic and legal issues when you overstep your bounds.

In my area, thermal imagining scares the heck out of Realtors. I have not seen one Realtor encourage they hire an inspector that performs thermal imagining. I am a big believer that thermal imaging protects everybody in the real estate transaction. Too bad Realtors do not see like that.


If you have been officially black balled by a used house sales office for being “too picky”, you need to advertise that on your website. It is the greatest testimonial that you could possibly publish.

I have 2 dozzen Agents that will not have an inspection without it!

So it all depends on YOU.

Our it just might be my area. I do not even perform thermal imagining. Go after your own tail, I do not have time.
All I am trying to say is you just need to stop jumping to conclusions and accept the fact most Realtors do not like thorough inspections, David. You would think that there would be more than two dozen agents wanting your thermal imagining services. Just think about it, it will come to you.:wink:


I’d brag about it…Put it on your website…Let clients know that you put them first.

I agree completely.

I could not care less what Realtors think. I try to provide them exceptional service and have a few that use my services. The way I look at it I would not recommend me either if I was in the business of making sales.

I sell my services and that’s it. I imagine they have quite the dilemma when trying to sell a P.O.S. I have had insurance people try to get me to sell inspections so they can make sales and I do not do it. I advertise what I offer and if they want me hire me. I never chase clients.:cool:

Well as usual, I disagree with most of the comments. I have no idea why when something happens people automatically assumes its the other person that is wrong. There is much more to this then what is being said, in my opinion. To maliciously attack a person and cause irreputable damage to their reputation with malice without justification is a open door to litigation. I don’t see many companies doing this without justification and proof.

How many people have had WHOLE offices turn against them? I can see agents getting upset (you can’t please everyone), but entire offices?

Read what the original post says. CANNOT inspect their LISTINGS. This can cause signficant damage to your business. Very few other Realtors will fight for the inspector and will just use someone else on these listing and this situation can cripple your business.

Instead of trying to turn this into a “badge of courage” I would go to the broker and talk to them to find out the REAL reason you are getting black balled. I personally would not take this lightly, use it for marketing. I personally would find the reasons WHY you got turned away and then decide if they actually have a valid point.

Do not assume that others actions are the fault of others, it can very well be justified that YOU are doing something wrong.

Just my 2 cents, but in my opinion this is not a marketing point, a bragging right, or a good move. I would get to the bottom of it ASAP and if I am right and it cannot be resolved, I would seek legal council and possibly the media.

If the realtors give you blue balls, cut off their donuts!!:wink:

What’s with the INachi logo on your homepage?

He used a Jpeg off a screen shot.
Report sample link is bad also.

Actually the one underneath the Sample Report is a “sample Report” from another company.

Exactly, I don’t depend on any Realtors either, I depend on referrals from past customers, Realtor referrals amount to about 10% of my business, referrals are the other 90%.

Not bad advice…

It doesn’t mean that talking to someone changes how you do things… but if you found out that buyers thought you were a great inspector, but couldn’t make heads or tails of what it was that you were trying to say… wouldn’t that be of value to know?

I’m getting better at communicating as time goes by… even though I’m still trying to figure out what “It is what it is” means

Personally - Being blackballed or having used house commissioned sales people NOT like me OR call me NIT-PICKY would make me feel absolutely horrible. I don’t think I could sleep at nights until I got back in their good graces.

It is nice, isn’t it, not to rely on Realtors?
I should have done it from the start. Would have saved me a lot of unnecessary grief.