Should realtors be allowed to recommend names of HI's?

The following is from British Columbia’s HI website:

Why does the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation prohibit conflict of interest? Can I still accept referrals from realtors?

Consumers pay for a service and this service should not be compromised or influenced by another person with an interest in the property. Realtors should provide potential home buyers with the website or telephone number of Consumer Protection BC or one of the acceptable associations or authorities that have contact information for licensees or members.


That is the way it is done here in Brossard Quebec,Canada. The Quebec OACIQ broker association encourages brokers to recommend home inspections.
Just to let you know!


It’s good that they recommend home inspections but realtors should not be recommending home inspectors…then they control you!!! Many can and will make you bend to their expectations of the report you should generate or else, they will recommend someone else. I find only 5 or so per cent of realtors have high personal integrity and will want the **best inspector; **the rest like inspectors that just follow the SOP, get the inspection done quickly, and write fairly fluffy/soft reports.

A thorough accurate inspection is not what the realtor really wants…it may make them work harder for their commission…they may have to negotiate more for a better price…not their cup of tea.

For example, had an inspection for a doctor buying a $1.3 million, 3,800 sq ft, 2.5 year old home + breezeway and 3 car garage. The doctor threw away the realtor’s 3 recommendations for HI’s and after interviewing 4-5 other HI’s, chose me to do the inspection. When I got to the house and talked to the realtor, I found out he had only allowed 2 hours for the inspection…that’s what the other HI’s he recommends take!! So the doc immediately agreed with me that I should have as long as I need…so did another 2+3/4 hours of inspection the next day!!..there were some major misses on this house!!

This particular realtor usually does more expensive homes and I will never get a recommendation from him…so what…he obviously has some control over HI’s he recommends! On this sale, he was on both sides of the sale…his commission was probably about $35-$38,000…no conflict of interest there!!

BC has recognized that… now if they will just enforce it!

BTW, don’t know if I had any effect on their policy about realtors 'HI recommendations. I did submit a a paragraph to enlighten them about it when their agency had an online survey questionnaire in the year before licensing came into effect!

This industry has not fully matured yet and still has a long way to go. I hope in the end realtors will not be recommending HI’s.

IMO, yes.

Just like they can recommend a termite inspector, contractor, loan officer, where to shop, on down the line. I think they should give multiple choices.

Just like you can recommend a service professional to your client.

It is still America. They should be able to recommend whoever they want. I myself would not want to use the person recommended by the person whose commission is on the line.

Kind of like the used car salesman telling you who to take the car to to have it checked out.

I find it almost hillarious how you make this statement then have an issue with our own COE’S

You can spin this topic any way you like…

I suppose calling the guy that no one else does will help you obtain better service?

Consumers should communicate with the Home Inspector they are to hire, and ensure that the inspector they are hiring meets their criteria, communicates well, is experienced.

Another interesting item I have clients tell me is that, many inspectors don’t have sample inspection reports posted, or at least they can’t find them. I can’t imagine hiring a home inspector that I wasn’t both able to: Speak directly to the person I’m considering…AND… look at their “Work”.

Many inspectors use easy to understand narratives, along with dozens of pictures (they’re free for goodness sake) and some well… don’t.

At the end of the day, the consumer should be responsible for the choices they make. Whether or not it’s through a recommended source or not.

I realize my thinking is in conflict with many that think all “busy guys” are soft and are buttering their bread with every report… BUT -I don’t generalize or lump entire groups of people together… well not more than I have to.

Those softies who *Ride the razors edge to appease those who refer them… will suffer the razors edge" NO?

That is because you are very closed minded and wish to force your beliefs, opinions, and practices on others. I believe in live and let live. I promote myself based on what I do and how I feel and I do not try to change how others act. Although I do try to change things that force others to act one way or another. Here let me put it so you can understand. Baaaaa ba ba baaaa baaaa baaa. :smiley:

As others have pointed out…

**You calling someone else closed minded is really hilarious. Someone who refuses to listen to their peers would be called what???


The only way to prevent Realtors from referring Inspectors is to have Big Government step in and make it law. But you see, in Brian’s world, Big Government intervention is quite acceptable. He is willing to have Big Government step in and tell everyone what they can and cannot do. He is unwilling to rely on competition in the free market place. He is unwilling to believe that good inspectors are referred precisely because they are GOOD. In Brian’s world, every Realtor is willing to run the risk of being sued with his incompetent inspector just to make a sale. In Brian’s world, every inspector who is referred by a Realtor is ‘incompetent’, ‘dangerous’ and a ‘cowboy’ just waiting to do a drive-by inspection and screw his client.

But then in Brian’s world only a self appointed group of ‘industry leaders’ can decide who is and who is not an inspector by forcing inspectors to jump over an ‘artificial’ bar that represents ‘industry standards’ set by those who have appointed themselves.

In Brian’s world. . . .

A good start is if they only gave out NACHI names that would remove a lot of the poorer inspectors here in Canada .

Is delusion a part of getting older???

I had to ask that as I’m turning 61 in February and wish to know what my future mental state may be like as I move towards my eighth decade!!

Baaaaa baaaaaa baaaaa. I am a free thinker. You are apparently a sheep like many others. I listen to everything that is said to me. I then think about it and make up my own mind. Just because many feel one way about something does not even come close to making it right. There are to many examples of that to list.

The sad part about your statements is that there are a great many who want to live in their own version of Brian’s World. Very few people around here feel as you and I do. I hate to lump you in with me but I believe each person should make their own decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Pretty novel concept Huh.

Not really. Ted Bundy, Richard Speck and Timothy McVeigh felt the same way. They didn’t like having others imposing their sense of “right or wrong” on them, either.

No sheep here. I just found that bucking the system ain’t the way to go. Learn the rules and laws and abide by them and things go a lot smoother.

Looked at his post earlier but had to go get the seasonal tree cut and brought in. My response would defintely have been along the same lines!

So…you don’t mind laws and regulations then?

But you are a contractor/HI and have much inside knowledge about this industry!!

So Joe Public should just go along his merry way, not knowing/seeing that a conflict of interest exists because that’s just the way it’s done in many/most transactions…lull them into dropping their guard!! Poor ethics, IMHO, especially with so much of their $$$$$ involved!

In case you don’t remember it, George, but you had to jump over Nick’s artificial bar to get “certified” here in the “diploma mill” as you called it! And he’s just one person making the rules!!