Is this a draft diverter on top of tanked water heater?

Is this a draft diverter at the exhaust flue of the gas-powered water heater tank? Or something unrelated, such as a slip joint or collar to ensure proper clearance from combustible materials?
I’ve seen this configuration on a couple of water heaters in manufactured homes. It’s tempting to call out as a defect for missing a draft diverter.

That sure looks like a mobile home connection.

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I would. It looks like it is cobbled together.


The logic is the smaller flue pipe goes through the middle of the bigger flue which keeps the actual flue far enough away from the ceiling material and attic insulation, but that flue coming off the water heater is not correct.

Even the material looks like the click and lock hardpipe that you use for dryer vents.

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Thanks Larry. It does appear to have been put together hastily.

Thanks, Brian. The flue and it’s connection to the water heater tank are both questionable.

You’re welcome, Adam. :smile:

So the only question about this water heater is the flue pipe?

Yep. Just had this same discussion on the FB group.

You’re right, it’s a MH water heater. Nothing to “call out”. Google the model # and see for yourself.

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Apparently, the exhaust flue and the direct combustion air inlet were installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. They don’t even use the words “draft diverter” or “draft hood.” I did see the air inlet in the crawlspace.