Is this a problem?

This is a 90+ yr house that had some plumbing upgrades. The house has a dirt crawlspace with no floor insulation.

The plumber ran PEX line out the walls into the living space and followed the top of the baseboard heat to another wall where he shot up to the second floor. In theory it works, but outside of theory, will the heating fins cause damage to the PEX or will it continue to work? The baseboard heat is active and works fine.


Hi Scott,

Personaly I would be concerened on 2 fronts, one being the freezing issue, the second being the fact that vibration between the fins and the tubing will lead to failures.



Gerry, What do you see as the freezing issue?

The PEX is obstructing the convection air low through the fintube of the baseboard. I also notice there is no louver for adjusting the air flow in the picture. there is some minor expansion and contraction of the fintube as it heat cycles. Perhaps if the PEX were more carefully secured above the fins it would cause less problems.