Is this a smoke detector

Is this a smoke detector?

It looks like one, Adam…

Yes it is.

A little trick is right click on your photo and pick “search the web for image” it will take you to one for sale on eBay.


That was my guess, as well, but I didn’t recognize that metallic disc sticking out of it.

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Jeff, when I right click the photo, there is no option to “search the web for image.” What browser or operating system are you using?

Thank you, Jeff.



@jfudge Thank you, Junior Fudge! That’s the one! I appreciate you!

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Need to use Chrome as it is a Google feature.


@jjonas The option showed up for me when I right clicked on the image while using my Chrome browser.
Thank you, Jeffrey!

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Old hard wired detector. Vintage/Obsolete model. Suspect: Over 10 years old.

Technically it’s a smoke alarm not a smoke detector. Smoke detectors do not provide audible notification.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I use Microsoft Edge and it works as well.

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The smoke and Co2 detectors are provided with audible sounds, very annoying by the way. and some more hi-tech ones can even send you a text to your mobile device.

Detectors” are typically used with “Monitored” systems.
Alarms” are self-contained units, (including the siren/horn/strobe/etc.), and regardless of any special functions they may offer.

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That is correct, I only wonder why so many use the incorrect terminology. Is that what they’re being taught? IMO this right up there with calling 120/240 volts, 110 and 220.

Rob… you know, most don’t care about details or technicalities… they just want to clock in and clock out, no selfpride or respect for craftsmanship. So smoke alarm/detector is just one of those things most don’t care to know the difference of. Don’t get Jeffrey started on footings vs footer :slight_smile:

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CO versus CO2
Carbon Monoxide vs Carbon Dioxide

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Thank you both for the explanation. I will call the aforementioned unit a smoke alarm. Nobody ever taught me the difference between smoke alarms and smoke detectors. Plus, I’ve never read an installation manual for a smoke detector.

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IMO it’s just one of those minor things that adds clarity to a professional report. Everyone will know what you mean when you say smoke detector even if it’s incorrect but given that there is an actual difference the correct terminology is always better.