What is this fire related device?

What is this device?
It’s part of a silent knight FACP, and while it looks like
a sounder, there’s a bell right next to it.


It looks like a fore/smoke sensor. :man_shrugging:

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While it is clearly a sounder, Google Lens found the exact one for me…


The bell might be simply a local water flow bell for a sprinkler system?


A sounder.

Thank you @ruecker for that good googling (I’d tried image search and not nailed it).

What’s confusing me is each of that apartment building’s hallways has one of these (a sounder), plus a bell (a second sounder), and two pull stations all on the same conduit. No detector heads that I can recognize. No flashing light visual sounders.

And nothing that looks like it could be a smoke head.
There’s a heat detector in the laundry. Nothing in the garage. And that’s it.

I’m just having trouble coming to terms with someone bothering to install a commercial fire system, with no smoke detection. And why TWO sounders per hallway.

I don’t have an installation date but the panel is:

All questions for the Seller… if the Buyer gives-a-crap!!


Of course, the fire marshal would have a say in what was required (such as two pulls independent of each of each other with their own sounder) Looks old, btw. You could have heat/smoke duct detectors depending on the HVAC system. No smokes in the apartment units?

The present owner, my client, gives a crap.

The pattern in this area is for retrofit residential apartments:
Common hall sensors, sounder/strobes, and pull stations.
In some cases, sounders inside the apartment interiors but no strobes (ADA be dammed).
No sensors in the units themselves.
No sensors in the stairwells.
No sensors in the independent heating systems in the units (we don’t do A/C here, so it’s HV not HVAC).
Sensors in walkable basements.

I posted because:

This is the first time I’ve seen what’s apparently a pull station only commercial fire alarm (with a bonus heat detector). I was worried I may have missed the detector head.