Is this a smoke or some type of security alarm

I have bounced this off of a few people and nobody seems to know. Is this a smoke alarm perhaps tied to the security system or just some other type of security system device? Thanks!

Stephen, did you such the test button?

Photoelectric smoke & heat detector

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I didn’t because it didn’t match the other alarms in the house and I wasn’t sure if it was tied to the security system.

Thank you!

You haven’t inspected enough to have the police/fire trucks show up yet? LOL


Could be a plenum (in-duct) smoke detector.

Vivint Glass-break Detector.


It looks like Junior nailed it:

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Lol, once and now I’m paranoid!

Damn…gotta fix my report now! Thanks!

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You’re welcome! :grinning:

Junior is a bull dog! He can always sniff these out!


Well done !

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Stephen, it is okay to report an unidentified “alarm type” device on the ceiling unknown to this inspector. Please consult with the homeowner to verify its usage, because often there is hypothesizing on our forum (I’ve done it when I thought I knew what it was, and I was wrong.).

Thanks. That is essentially what I did. Noted what it could be and told them to consult the owners. I appreciate everyone’s help.


It is a type of Alarm that is connected to a Home monitoring system (“Vivint” is very popular here but others use this type also) and yes if the homeowners subscribe to have this remotely monitored and have not Disarmed The System, You will have either The Cops and or The Fire Department showing up. I have not pushed the test button on one of these Since the First Time…I pushed the test button. :smiley: And didn’t have the code to disarm…

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