What kind of device is this

Not sure if this is a smoke detector or exactly what this device is. Located in interior hall of condo near bedrooms. Common area of condo building has typical hardwired smoke detectors but not like this.


Could be a heat detector

I suspect your post is inaccurate.
Research and learn the difference between “Detectors” and “Alarms”.
As for your photo, it is a detector. As to what type, most likely a ‘Heat Detector’, but consult with the building owner/manager or the monitoring alarm company for verification.

Did it look like this?


OMG it’s on Google!

But I’d rather a guess from this board wouldn’t you?!

Probably labeled on the device too.

Does anyone carry their phone with them on inspection?

Oh look!

Thanks, Jim and others. I did not see observe any info on the physical “Button” . Have seen many detectors over the years but now can add this one to my knowledge base. Guess that’s why we have this msg board and all of us.

Looks like a First Alert Atom smoke alarm.


Robert, looks like you and I agree on this being the First Alert Atom.

For some reason I had trouble with your link I’m guessing that you posted the same alarm. :cool:

Funny that I already had that First Alert product bookmarked. Must have been on the board before.

Looks like a smoke detector. Also might be a heat sensor. Im not sure.