Is this a structural concern?

Hey guys! I hope it’s alright for me to ask this question here. Some of you may recall my earlier posts with concerns about our foundation. I have noticed in recent months that when the south back side of the house warms up, especially the window areas, I hear what sounds like creaks or light popping noises. Is this a normal part of the aging of the home at 20 yrs.?

Thx! Diana

House tend to move with temperature changes. Everything will expand and contract depending on its temperature.

You should also check your HVAC system. If you have supply duct leaks, your air handler will be pulling a vacuum on the interior of the house. The opposite is true for return duct leaks, the house gets pressurized.

The plastic type windows that look like glass block also pop at times.

Hey, Diana.

Are you the one from Florida?

All the homes that I have owned in Louisiana, Texas, and San Diego have creaked, especially when warming up after a Norther came through.

Do you have vinyl siding?:smiley:

Hey Russel – that be me. :cool: It definitely seems to happen only when the sun has warmed things up a bit, and it seems to last a short while. At first, I thought I might have a drip somewhere on the interior area of the wall or window, but from what water source?! Then I started noticing that it’s more like a creaking pop noise and that it moves along the house, meaning that one window area will be popping, then stop, and later, the next window in the line will pop a little. It’s something I had never noticed before a couple of months ago, so you know how the worry goes for me.

Thx to everyone!

Most properties go thru a heat-up cool-down cycle everyday that the sun is shining. I have a house with vinyl siding, by mid morning on a sunny day it starts creaking (heat-up) and continues until about late arternoon, then it starts the cool down and creaks again. this is normal.