Is this allowed?

1990 home. The water heater lines have lines soldered right into the sides. Is this okay or a deficiency?

Water heaters must have a “union” within 12 inches to allow for removal. Was there a shut off valve for the cold water supply as well?

I would call it out as a nonstandard fitting/installation and recommend a plumber evaluate and repair as needed. It may hold just fine, but that’s not really an inspector’s call to make.

Were those brazed fittings?

Why call a plumber out to look at it or install unions on an existing water heater? It would be much more cost effective to install unions at the time the water heater is replaced. I would just report it as lacking unions to facilitate replacement and move on.

I would definitely make a comment about those brazed on taps.

The water heater might be at the end of it’s useful life, I would mention that

if applicable in the report. Furthermore, the old adage holds true, "if it ain’t

broke, don’t fix it."

Broke don’t fix… But note it in the report

I was only referring to the brazed tee’s the OP specifically asked about. (Stephen mentioned unions.) Brazed or sweated, they aren’t standard so I would call them out for a plumber to review.

Unions at the water heater aren’t t much use because you end up changing the piping 90% of the time or more.

Go ahead an mention it but I would not classify it as defect.

Glad I won’t have to replace that one!! Just mention, and move on.

What is so hard about tube cutters and soldering ?

Unions are NEVER used in Port St. Lucie, FL water htr installations.

Kinda like union labor is never used here, either.:smiley:

:)Now that’s funny!