Is this an acceptable connection ?

This is a new construction 200AMP service panel.
The connector in the pictures it is in direct contact with the" dead front".Nothing should touch the cover…
Is this acceptable ?


It’s a defect. Report it as such.

That’s what I said…just weird for an new construction house with all electrical requirements…how did they pass the electrical inspection?

Code inspectors miss things too…plus it could have been done after the inspector came through.

Just a thought, that grounding wire from the service is clamped to the panel and metal conduit (where the service lines come thru ) and acting as a bond between them. What danger is there if the clamp is touching the dead front , the dead front is already bonded to the panel while its screwed on to it. Not the neatest electrician but in reality, i dont think it affects anything and may be why it passed inspection. Just throwing it out there for others to comment since im not sure either

This looks like the grounding wire is connected to the neutral wire…Do you see the green bolt connection for the grounding wire? If I am right…the neutral wire (is taped with white tape) cannot be in direct contact with the box…because can become a hot wire…

The GEC is already bonded (in contact) to panel and dead front at the bushing. Other than being sloppy I don’t see any real issue.

Is it not a double tap? Plus too much exposed wire.

Third, if it is a grounded conductor (neutral), then it looks like it is connected to the raceway. You want the ground to be connected to the raceway, not the neutral…right?

It is not a double tap. The connector is attached to the box(the wire is spliced for proper connection) and it is touching the dead front…It is not connected to the bushing (it is plastic ) and protect the high voltage wires from damage…I just do not understand why is that connector there…and connected to the box? I never seen that…and nothing should touch the panel front cover…My concern is not to be connected to the ground wire…

That’s a non-issue in my book…

It looks just like a bounding…but why did they did it this way? If the bounding wire is not touching/connected to the neutral it should is fine… like you said.Why the bounding wire is not connected to the green connector?

The “green connector” is the bonding screw, conductors do not terminate at this screw.

Everything in this photo is correct. It’s a Square D panel, right?

Also all of the conduit and fittings appear to be EMT, not plastic.

I’m just wondering why that jumper wire is there in the first place. Seems to me it can just be removed since the enclosure is already bonded, correct?

Metallic service raceways are required to be bonded by methods other than by standard locknuts. A bonding bushing is one approved method and is likely required. However the bonding jumper should not in parallel with the service neutral so it should not be installed in the service raceway.

Like I said, it looks fine…but why is that wire spiced (at the connector) in the box and why has to be connected /bounded this way ? I do not like that connector connected to the box and in direct contact with the dead front( when closed). It does not make sense to have that connector in there…if the panel is grounded already…ALL the electrical was perfect in this house and this appears to be correct as well .Is this just an extra or better bounding?

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Whats that blob of black $h!t???

Everything you said is correct…what about the bounding wire? it should not be on the same raceway with the service wires…correct? we have a problem here…and I do not want to get burned…

your comment would be appreciated…bad language,not.

Did you read post #13? Raceway bonding is required. :slight_smile:

The black stuff is duct seal, also required.