Is this an IC Rated Luminary?

Just finished an inspection today. LOTS of moisture in the attic. Happened to bump a luminary under the insulation and took some pictures (attached). Doesn’t appear to be IC rated or if it is, it wasn’t properly installed since the interface of the luminary and drywall was not sealed.
I did a look-up on the UL label (E17885), but that wasn’t any help. What do you think?





It should say it somewhere on the interior label of the fixture. If you look at the junction box on the side of the fixture is the thermal overload sticking out of it? If so I would bet that it is not an IC type.

I didn’t see anything. Considering the j-box is not sealed I would guess no. The only rating I saw was for damp location and suspended ceiling.



AFAIK IC rated does not require sealing the drywall housing interface. I have never seen this for the brand I typically install. IC just allows the insulation to contact the housing.

I think the information you may need is on the label on the outside of the housing. If you could see the model number and brand on the inside label it would help.

I just attached the outside pics

There are two methods to determine.
Check like you did for the IC rating and also check for air slots that would tell you they are not.
From what I see they are IC rated.

I did not see any slots in the sides of the can. I did see lots of air infiltration from the living space to the attic space. I thought IC ratings also include a maximum flow rate through the luminary of 2 cfm max. I know this is getting way to technical for a HI, but the attic was saturated with moisture.

May have nothing to do with the can lights at all unless they are not covered and are allowing condensation from below through them and the venting is lacking.
Were you getting good air flow in the attic from roof/soffit,ridge vents,gable,etc.?

I swear that sheathing looks like it was stained.(as in varnish)

No, Some of the soffits were covered with insulation. There were 4-8 inch roof louvers. 1120 sq feet. 3.7 sq ft vent area required. 1.87 sq feet on roof which is just over 4 louvers. One additional roof louver and installation of air chutes is what I recommended in the report.

That is a Commercial Electric unit manufactured by Jimway and distributed by Home Depot. According to what I found out, it is an IC rated can. Jimway / Commercial Electric Non-IC cans are cream colored and their IC rated cans are the galvanized color. There would have been a label just past the interior frame that holds the plug / fixture.

Thanks. I couldn’t get in that far without disassembly which is going beyond the SOP. There was an Energy Code sticker on the inside issued by the state of Washington. It was the green one in my original post. :smiley:

Just a note that IC is a different rating than AT (air-tight).

Why would the junction box need to be sealed? There is no interface to the conditioned space.

Is type AT listed somewhere? I saw type IC listed in NEC 2008 410.116.

It may be IC approved and loose to air movement… it can’t be airsealed on site for energy conservation and prevention of moist air migrating to the attic. It was tested and approved in its “loose” state and must remain that way to maintain its “tested/certified” status.

He is correct! Silver cans tend to be IC rated, and white ones are not. The white ones will always have a label on them telling you this.
Go to HD and look at the can lights next time.