Fan type and recessed can lights

The fan is installed at the family room. I think it was added for someone who smokes a lot as the home wreaked of cigarettes.

Are these can lights rated for burial in insulation. I don’t think so.

They should have a sticker somewhere on the fixture stating either aic or ic.
airtite insulating ceiling or insulating ceiling ,if it is ok to cover them.
This would be where you find the UL sticker.

Looking at the 2nd picture, isn’t the kraft paper backing suppose to be against the ceiling? Did you note it in your report?

Yes I did.

Good Man! Reversing the location of vapor barrier can trap moisture against the drywall material. I hope that the attic is adequately ventilated.

Here’s what to look for in checking for Insulation Contact (IC)-rated recessed light fixtures. IC-rated fixtures will not have holes in the housing. You might need to unscrew the bulb to check, but it beats crawling around in the attic. Housing on the right is IC rated.

I have recessed lighting in my attic and had a electrician come over to do some electrical work and got on the subject with my cans. The cans for my kitchen were not I.C rated and then the ones for my bath were. So he contacted another electrical supplier that also supplies lighting (friend does industrial work) when he called his contact he commented that even the I.C cans can fail over time. They have snap disc in them and over time the snap disc could go bad.

So for me I just protected them also with a barrier

Actually both can are IC-rated, the one on the left is a H27ICT and the one on the right is a H27ICAT “airtight”. If they cans are silver bare metal looking the are usually IC rated.