Is this close enough?

also 3 baths, lights and receptacles, one gfci breaker.

and is there a code against it?

Yes, the NEC would allow the three bathroom receptacles to be on the same circuit but not any other loads. Other than that the placement of the receptacle is fine.

Actually I was fishing for the receptacle placement, but your answer is more detailed.:mrgreen:

I was aware this is in violation due to lights on circuit. Do you know what year this came into play? This house was built in mid 80’s

Good question I’m not sure.

Lights on the bathroom circuit are fine as long as that circuit is limited to just the one bathroom.


I know, this home has 3 bathrooms, lights and receptacles all on 1 breaker. Built in '89.

After testing GFI breaker it would not reset. 3 dark baths when owner got home. :shock:

Better than the owner found dead at home.
Either way, the owner was in the dark about lights and gfci.