Is this cloth aluminum wire? Safe?

Is this a cloth aluminum wire? It goes to a 50 amp breaker marked “range”. Safe?

Multi-strand AL has no issues or concerns if installed properly.

Note; What is shown as being cloth covered (impregnated cloth) it is most likely Tinned Copper. Again no issue.

There is a bigger issue then Tinned Copper in this picture!

Kevin, would you like to share what you see?

an uninsulated neutral to the range


Also the black neutral goes across the bus bar between breaker and the sheathing is cut back too far.

I would agree that it’s tinned copper. It’s likely that a 3-wire feeder was permitted to a range when this was originally installed. What size are the conductors?
The copper conductor in photo #1 looks like a factory jumper connecting the two bus bars together.

Robert this is not a general practice in Ontario. Can you explain this info.
I am not an Electrician so I need to see the allowance for this.

That is a factory installed jumper. It would also not be a black neutral.

Are you referring to the copper jumper? Different manufactures use different techniques to connect the neutral bus on the left side of the panel to the neutral bus on the right. This manufacturer choose an insulated solid copper jumper. Others such as GE use a bare metal bar. You can see the GE one in this photo at the bottom of the panel.

SE cable was allowed to supply ranges.

Is that SE cable?

Thanks Robert!
Which panel has the copper jumper?

That was probably installed before I was born but it looks like it to me. If it’s not copper SE then what is it?

Looks like SE to me. NM would not have had a concentric neutral.

From what I see there are no issues with the range wire or the neutral jumper between busses.


Great…my question has been clearly answerd… thanks to all for the input…

Can anyone tell me what panel has this kind of Jumper? I do agree that if it is indeed a jumper it is fine but I have never seen this here. I do not like that the neutral has the twist removed, This is like a rope and will decrease the protection. IMO