First Four Point Inspection Question

Okay friends. I am new to inspecting and appreciate your help with this probably very basic question.

Today I inspected an electric service panel and found what appears to be an aluminum stranded wire connected to the neutral bus bar.

Can someone look at the attached photo top right between the red and black wires. Please tell me what you think, is this okay. Looks like aluminum?

This home was built in 1957 and also has one 30 amp fused panel in kichen.


Solid Al wires on branch curcuits are the safety isssue… Al strand wires pose no safety concern. If thats what your asking.

You will see twisted aluminum wiring connecting the main panel to secondary distribution panels in a lot of homes built in the fifties. You find it in almost every home here in Philly. It’s the branch circuit wiring that you need to watch out for. There are aluminum service entry lines, but that doesn’t mean they are bad.

Thanks, gentelmen.

All the best!!

The new kid on the block.