Is this flex line rated for a 200,000 BTU tankless?

And is a drip leg required?

Daniel, did you google the make and model installation instructions? I don’t know off hand, but that is what I used to do for info. :smile:

yes, I tried, and it says not to use a flex line unless it is rated for the BTU’s. From what I can find, I don’t think it is rated for that much. But I also didn’t see anything in there about a drip leg.

No. And Yes.

Thanks chuck.
From what I could find, the max rating for that was about 150k, probably less since it was 24"long.
So I did list both of those defects. Could that cause any damage to unit? Or just affect performance with high demand?

3/4" connector is good for 200k BTU, you do need a dirt (not drip) leg

If the connector was 1/2 then it’s not rated for 200k BTU and you may have a pressure problem and it may not burn correctly.

Uses a type III vent

Restricted gas line, I believe will just result in reduced performance.

Sorry about misinformation on the sediment trap. I was driving to MT and couldn’t check manual. Listed device installation instructions take precedence over IRC


Thanks, marcel