Natural gas supply to water heater ?

Is this aluminum tubing acceptable for use as supply to the water heater. I ask because this is the first time I have run accross it. Thanks for you input.


I would think not,and there is no drip leg.:roll:

That particular flexible aluminum gas line is used in automobiles.

Any aluminum or flex tubing installed, should be replaced with rigid gas pipe. This will require the services of a qualified plumbing contractor.

It also looks like white teflon Tape Not approved in Canada must be yellow teflon tape .
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Thanks guys !! Yeah, I did catch the no drip leg, thanks Len. Thanks David and Roy. I believe this is another “Harry home owner” special , based on some of the other things I found.

That’s an old (70’s or earlier) rigid-aluminum appliance connector. They were made and listed exactly for that purpose - connecting appliances.

In CA, these are no longer allowed for use, and flexible appliance connectors are now required.

Thanks Jeff

Any flex”? i dont think so

If it was approved for use at the time, I wouldn’t make a big stink about it (provided it’s not leaking).

Depends on the local requirements, as always. Flex is used almost exclusively here for most gas appliances.