Is this for real?

I am concerned that this new NACHI site has the ability to cause us some problems down the road.

Based on the way it works, all that is needed is for you to “say” you completed a 8hr ProLab course and IF you are a NACHI memberber then, You’re In!!

Has this been thought out?

How does this benefit us?

If the word gets out that there is no verification of course completion, then these logos will in the end become worthless and instead work against us.

Has anyone who has not completed a 8hr ProLab course applied?

The site says:

And how does the system check for this?

Hi Guys… What the heck is IAC2… Can I get certified for it.:cool: :cool:

I do have to wonder if it really is something worth while, since one of your members here offers someting like this for FREE [an air quality inspection??] along with a 10% discount off any other inspectors pricing on new home warranty inspections.:roll: :roll: :roll:


I had a feeling you were hovering around like a vulture.You only appear when something is no just right with our system.

Hi Mario…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Whats wrong with your system now?? Are you admitting it’s just another fake certificiation by nickie thats gone hay wire before it even got started …:smiley: :smiley:

Vulture… Heck NO… Just an ASHI member that is seeing NACHI members everyday thinking that it really sucks not being an ASHI member.:smiley: :smiley:


I’m sorry Dan did you say it sucks to be an ASHI member?You know you are allways welcomed here at NACHI.

Dan; hope you are doing and maintaining.

I know you do not know me from jack a## sh$t, but would like to inquire on why so many ASHI members in my area all of a sudden been merging to NACHI??

It took me at least a year to figure out which Association to Join and guess who won after all. Come and join us. You will never have a better experience of continued education in your life, and I don’t care how good you are or believe, you will learn something.
No offense taken here, just trying to understand you and become one of us.
That reminds me of a favorite show of mine, I will assimilate you. :slight_smile: :wink:


Dan does it not seem to you to be an unfair system when you can come to NACHI and be welcomed, and I can not even look and see what is said on your home forum .
Gee to me it is simple to see what system is the best.
A closed door to all or an open welcome all to learn and ask questions .
Please enlighten me to what I am missing and why I should come back to ASHI.

Roy Cooke

Roy… If you read my first post I was asking how I could also be IAQ certified inspector, and why should I since a local inspector here that offers FREE IAQ testing with his inspections.

Why should you come back to ASHI???.. darned if I know if you don’t know.

I guess one good reason would be that what ASHI offers its members it is provided as promised…and any qualificiations are verified and legit when it is marketed to the public and members not some marketing plot to provide one person finical gain.
Example… On the nachi certified well course , I see that it offered as a "sampler course " what does the full course course cost???

There could be several answers for that. The 1st one is that some believe nickies marketing bs and figure, what the heck if I can get free membership why not.
I can name several that took his free offer and found out latter that they made a bad business decision and bailed, can you name any full ashi members that joined nachi and support nick for free by getting him new members and market nachi over ashi unless it’s for ther own fininical gain due to them being a vender??

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[FONT=Verdana] …You also did not answer about how you are welcome here but I can not go to your BB and ask questions and get answers.[/FONT] It is nice to see so many ASHI members going NACHI I guess they can see the advantages sooner then some others do .
The Door is open when you feel you wish to be with us .
Roy Cooke

I’m concerned also. If you look at the site, you will see that it mimics the CMI site totally. I don’t know…I am concerned that some things that are coming out are making NACHI look worse not better.

Why would we need a certification like this when we have Vendors that offer the same service who have been in business for years and have the “clout” behind them. Something brand new like this isn’t going to carry much weight.

I guess I just don’t see the point. We are having IAQU here in Seattle and I have heard that they are a very good place to go for training and certification. I also thought NACHI was working with them…sigh…

Wendy writes: “I guess I just don’t see the point. We are having IAQU here in Seattle and I have heard that they are a very good place to go for training and certification. I also thought NACHI was working with them…sigh…”

Wendy, I had dinner last night with IAQU’s President and his wife.

IAC2 will be the world’s biggest best indoor air association.

Glenn and his wife are very nice. We had a nice evening last night.

OK guys… I trying to look at this in a positive way as IAQ is valuable service to provide our customers.

A few questions… Is it correct that I can be a certified IAQ inspector by taking a free mold course??

Looking at information provided here there are 8 sources/ testing of IAQ, are you saying that the mold course covers the other 7??
How much do I have to spend on equipment to provide IAQ services and pay to a lab to provide reports?

If I market my self as a certified IAQ inspector and fail to test for lead, asbestos or ? because
the home is new or newer, or I did not perform a radon test, or other air quality tests not listed, only to find later from my customers attorney because little Johnny is dieing ] that the home was built over a dump that contained asbestos, radon gases or other items that I did not test for, what is my liability and the certifiers liabilty then?? Is the certifier insured.
All of this is is based on that I did advertize and was advertized by nickie as a certified IAQ tester.
People can lose money by having unexperenced “certified” inspectors miss something on an inspection.
People do die everday from poor air quality, who is going to accept that risk / liability when providing a certificiation to a person by completing a free course and test???

Okay, so if I get the certification from IAQU when we have the day long program in December, I can use it to apply.

Thanks Nick.

Glenn is very nice and a pleasure to deal with.

Dan, you are incorrect.

You cannot just take a course to join IAC2. Read the requirements again.

Anyway, IAC2 makes the distinction between the NACHI member who offers individual indoor air tests such as radon or mold … and… the NACHI member who fulfilled NACHI’s membership requirements and completed at least one 8 hour course relating to indoor air quality.

The two are different.

NACHI members can offer mold testing without having taken any course and without being IAC2 Certified (there are no laws governing this in any state… and not prohibited at NACHI).

And one could be IAC2 Certified and never offer indoor air inspection services (there are no laws that require one to offer all the services one is qualified to perform).

Nick… Thanks for the reply… maybe I’m being a little dense here, if so maybe you can set me straight.:wink: :wink:
I researched the requirments again, the only requirements I see are complete a mold or radon course provided only by Pro Lab, meet your rigid membership and strongly enforced/ verifed requirements, pay you 289.00 to verify that I did in fact meet the strictly enforced requirments and I’m then qualified as a “certified” IAQ inspector** due to no laws requiring disclosure on what training I have or don’t have related to IAQ. **

For completing all that I get an additional “certificiation” not related to to home inspections as defined in your SOP and additional web exposure to the public, ie. more home inspections.
Tell me what I’m missing, Sounds to good to be true.

From my understanding, Certification in IAC2 does not mean you are a scientest qualified to render scientific data or analysis, It just means that you are telling your prospective client that your were trained by a professional lab on how to take proper samples. The lab will give the analysis and recommendations, which you then pass on to your client.
I don’t see a problem with that.


Exactly. And Dan, Nick already said that my course with IAQU would qualify. So it isn’t just Pro-Lab.

Hmmm. It’s sounds like, if nick says so it must be right. What happens when ole nickey isn’t around anymore to defend you, I’m sure he will, won’t he? if you get sued when some one dies due to not being a properly trained IAQ certified inspector and marketed by him in all related areas of IAQ testing.