Are you IAC2?

Are you?


You are starting new threads everytime you post.

No, just wanted to have diffrent threads so that we were not getting off topic.

There are other IAQ courses then Pro lab . They have been run in Canada for at least 6 years I took one on April 19th 2002 and another 2 ± Years previous to that.
Roy Cooke


I didn’t realize that we were getting off topic.You should check out your other thread guess who is back.

IAQ, please elaborate, I have no clue other than it is about radon.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Any NACHI member who has taken at least an 8 hour Indoor Air Quality program can go to the web site and sign in .
There is no charge and the members are on there own honour to have completed the courses .
Some seem concerned that any one can go to the web site and say they have taken the courses and yes this is possible .
Just like any other system it can be cheated .
My feeling is if MR Home Inspector does cheat and some time later does not mater how long and you get up in front of a judge under oath and admit you cheated or some lawyer asks you to prove your qualifications and you are found to have lied .
I would expect you have just lost your case so why should some get worked up about the HI saying yes I have completed 8 hours in IAQ.
It is of no concern to me as I have about 24± in IAQ courses.

Roy Cooke

As usual, Roy Cooke thanks for the elaboration of this topic.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I won’t be signing up. Its another gimmick title and besides I don’t get calls for IAQ, even though I took the CMHC 3 day course.

It says only Pro-Lab courses qualify. I think it’s marketing to get Pro-Lab more business.

You know? You scratch my back…etc…

PRO-LAB, like nearly all inspection-related schools is a for-profit company, I think this goes without saying. I’m actually typing this from the classroom where Doug is teaching a mold course right now, in Denver. It is very good. I think every NACHI member should take it for pure educational reasons, even if the member has no intention of offering mold testing services.

IAC2 is NOT like CMI (association unbiased). Every IAC2 certified inspector… every one of them… is a NACHI member.

BTW: I think Raymond’s post above is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. No offense Ray, I love you… you know I do… but I’m giggling very hard right now.

Saying that you aren’t going to apply (advertise yourself for free) because you don’t get calls for this service is kind of like a homeseller saying… I’m not putting a FOR-SALE sign in my yard because no one ever asks me if I’m selling my house.


I meant the format and fonts and all on the websites. You created both correct?

Wendy, correct.

As Executive Director of both MICB: and IAC2: I tend to use ARIAL (my favorite font) a lot.

Thanks Nick. I just thought it looked familiar. :slight_smile:

What’s funny is that the IAC2 Web site uses Georgia, which we chose for its on-screen legibility and somewhat more professional look.

I think it is mostly the template that gave it away.

I took the logo off my website. When you click on the logo, my clients can see just how easy it is to be IAC2. Silly.

Easy ??? Joining ASHI now thats easy. Roy

Except the part where you have to pass a three hour in-class exam. You wouldn’t stand a chance, Roy. :lol::lol::lol: