Is this Galvanized Steel water supply?

This over 100 year old home had poor water flow at the fixtures and wondering if galvanized water supply is the cause. Pretty sure it is, but want to be positive.

Need a quick answer on this if possible. Thanks.

I would say YES

Yes it is


Hi John
I carry a small magnet in my box so I can make that determination on the spot.

Great! Thank you all. Can finish the report now.

And John, good idea about the magnet!

May I ask what type sub floor that is?

That’s a wall Bob. The image is not properly oriented. Notice the ladders in the background.

Great attention to detail Bob!!

Gee I thought they were hanging.:):):slight_smile:

Galvanized pipe was commonly used for water supply lines many years ago, but over time many have filled with scale, which is why some older homes suffer from low water pressure. Hard water greatly reduces the life of steel pipe.

Just because the piping pictured is Galvanized, does not necessarily mean that that is the primary cause of the Low Flow Condition.:smiley:

I always start by checking if hot and cold are the same.
Remember to remove aerators.

I write in my report that this is a possible cause of the poor flow, but also say that it could be configuration of the piping, types of fixtures, clogged aerators, etc, and refer it to a plumber to determine the exact cause.

I think it is galv. but has been painted over.
If private water it will be very rusted and pump may be the cause of pressue and rust depending on type