Galvanized and black steel for water plumbing

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I’ve never seen this addressed anywhere, and I’ve never encountered it on any previous inspections or renovation work that I’ve done, but a house yesterday in a rural area (well water) had galvanized iron and black steel being used for all the water supply plumbing. Does this present any unique problems or health concerns? I can’t think of any specifically, but I’ve been up all night, too.

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The galvanized will loose its inside diameter over time due to corrosion. As the diameter decreases, the flow through the pipes will decrease with it. With well water, the decrease in the inside diameter will likely occur at a faster pace than if it were from a public supply due to the likelihood of higher mineral content. Eventually the diameter will decrease to the point where they will need to be replaced, likely with copper. The hot water pipes will likely be affected much sooner that the cold water. Testing the bathroom farthest from the main supply to the home is important when “trying” to determine to what extent the flow may have been affected.

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