is this legal?

I was at an inspection today and in the service panel I saw a blue wire attached to one side of a breaker and loop to the other side on the left side of the panel box. The main red wire is on a wire nut. I’m not sure what the purpose of that is? Any ideas?
Sorry for the sideways photo.

The feeder is only 120 volts so they jumped the 50 amp CB to power both bus bars in the panel. There are many violations here from that jumper to the mismatched circuit breakers to the missing retention clip or screw on the backfed CB to the MWBC with handle tie or multipole CB’s to the improper termination of the EGC’s and probably more. :roll:

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I would be curious to see the main panel side .Robert I understand they did the loop over to feed both bus bars with the same phase but why would they do that instead of using both and also why is the loop over jumper ] a violation other than double tap ?

The double tap is the issue also there appears to be “MWBC’s” in this panel which means that the neutrals for those circuits can be overloaded since one neutral is carrying the current of two different circuits.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever been sent to prison over it!

Thanks for the answer though not sure how the neutrals can be overloaded since the neutral feed is same size as the hot feed but that is why you are the Sparky.

Each of the hots is on the same leg and the neutral current will now be additive instead of the difference between the two legs of the branch circuits.

Thanks Jim.