Is there anything wrong with this one?

Forgive me, I’m new at two things: home inspection and downloading photos on this forum. Hopefully I got the photos on.

One of them shows the main disconnect, the other is what I believe is a subpanel located inside the home. It is double tapped at the mains and has one aluminum wire connected to a 50amp breaker.

Is double tapping in this case okay or not?

Martinez pics 036.jpg

Martinez pics 036.jpg

Martinez pics 033.jpg

Can you post bigger pictures? Can’t really see all that much.

In general, without looking at the pictures:
-No double tapping is not allowed. Although some manufacturers of certain breakers (Square D) do permit double tapped connections at breakers. The breakers will be labeled that they are permitted.

Subpanels should have the ground and neutrals separate and the bonding connection should be removed.

Really. The pics are WAY to small to get an accurate view. You need to take them with a decent camera and post them at full size.
Use a photo hosting service such as Photobucket or the like.

What I can see:

-The main lugs in the sub panel have two sets of feeders on them. NO good.
-One of the sets, each conductor enters it’s own knockout with NO connectors. NO GOOD x2!!

  • The service cable enters the panel with no connector. NO good
  • The bonding jumper in the main panel (under the meter) is not connected. NO good.

I would have referred this MESS to a licensed electrician at the first “NO good”.

That’s also a Zinsco panel. That whole MESS is at the end of its useful life.

Thank you all so much for your imput.

Sorry about the photos. When I first uploaded them the site told me they were too large so I must have over compromised and shrunk them to a fault. I would repost them but the answers so far tell me I need to hang this one up and refer the client to an electrician.

Thanks again.

Hopefully these ones will work better.

If anyone still has educational comments, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Martinez electric  pics 002.jpg

Yeah. That is certainly scary. The panel in the right pic is the old main panel which was obviously converted to a sub-panel by the installation of the outside panel. The GECs are still going into the old main.

We could go on and on. There is simply too much going wrong there.
Defer it to an electrician.