Is this mold? Black spottyness on attic framing members

Here are three shots of framing members that have what appears to be mold growth.

It’s new construction, so the good news is, if it is, it most likely got moldy before they installed it.

What do you fine men and women think?

Appears to be limited to two trusses in your photos. Could be the last or top members in a stacked pile that was exposed to the weather. If you not sure report what you see along with the photos.

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I agree with Randy on this,


that’s exactly what I’m imagining. they just staggered them around, probably

im putting “Possible organic growth on framing members in attic space above garage. Several localized areas with no evidence of water penetration. Recommend licensed mold assessor review further.”

sound reasonable?

Were you able to put a moisture meter in it?
Regardless I agree with Michael and would highly suggest the involvement of a mold assessor.

No, I would’ve had to crawl on the ceiling joists over the drywall. Not worth it.

Thank you for your feedback.