Is this ok?

I came across this today. It is for a oil fired direct vent boiler. It just does not look right to me. The vent terminates into basically a basement window well. (While there actually is no window, just the metal well frame) I can not seem to find anything stating this can not be done but I do not like it. Any advise would be appreciated as always!!


I think I found something. It seams direct vents must terminate at least 12 inches above grade. I am also concerned about it getting covered by snow.

Also if heated air is coming out of that vent there will be condensation issues in the well area. Along with the possibility of fungi!

That is wrong.
I believe the manufacturer’s installation instructions will say: 12", above grade or highest expected snow fall. Which, up here is pretty deep. :slight_smile:

They have limits to closest window…check further.

Common sense.

Bob, OP said there is no window in the well.

Manufacturers installation instructions should give clearances from windows, grade, corners, etc…


I agree about the snowfall. No window or opening within at least 4 ft and not near any corner. I called it out regarding snow issue. We have potential to get quite a bit of snow so it is a valid concern. Thanks guys