Is this OK????

Not sure if I should post here or in HVAC but I ran into this today. Anyway, 2 AC condensor units were connected to one box containing a 20A breaker and a 30A breaker (sizes correct for units). In the main panel in the garage the “air cond” has a 60A breaker. I’m used to seeing a disconnect for each unit and the individual breakers in the service (main) panel. Is this setup ok? Thanks!


Simple answer - yes, it is ok so long as those breakers are rated for the units.

Bill, I like simple. Thanks

Nice neat, clean, and compliant install.

You can also see the condenser and air handler on a breaker sized to the air handler with the toaster wires on. The disconnect at the condenser is sized for that (usually much smaller) load. As long as the system is interlocked so the heat and AC can’t be on at the same time you don’t have to add the loads. (that is the normal setup)
That won’t fly with a heat pump unless the toasteres are interlocked from the condenser (can go either way).

Greg, shame Carrier didn’t think about that potential when the designed the interlocks on my heat pump unit, yep you guessed it the AC was going full chat with the system calling for auxilliary heat, no major electrical problems resulted from this event, but I did have the advantage of a $400 electric bill that month!!

BTW had the AC guy here twice, he couldn’t figure out why the system was producing about 5 degrees delta T when the pressures looked great, I called out another HVAC tech who also didn’t get it until I suggested he looked at the amp draw across the heat coils (yeah I had checked that out :wink: )

Tech had never seen that fault