air handler with elec back up breakers

60 amp and 30 amp breaker at furnace air handler(heat pump)for elec back up strips. Both fed with hot wires and the neutral is jumped between the two??
Whats the deal??

Heat pumps do not need a neutral. Can you post a picture?

Dont have one, this is from an HVAC guy who looked at a unit i inspected and told the owner that the tw breakers for the heat strips / elec back up were wired as described and a fire hazard? Going to look at friday just trying to be sure this is not normal or is it an issue

He told her that there would have to be a sub panel installed and each strip unit fed seperatly??

They can be fed with 2 circuits. A subpanel is not necessary.

Thats what i am thinking but wasnt sure. Think he is trying to take them for a ride . Where can i find a illustration of how those should look so when i see them ill know what we have?