Is this ok?

Sink installed in garage. sink drain line is orange sprinkler pipe. Would there be any problems with using this?

Don’t see why not, but it is an expensive CPVC pipe to use for domestic water use or drainage.

The material used in the manufacture of the pipe shall be a rigid chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) compound, Type IV Grade I, with a Cell Classification of 23447 as defined in ASTM D1784. The compound and the finished product shall be orange in color, and shall be approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use with potable water. Material used shall be domestically produced BlazeMaster® CPVC material as provided by Noveon, Inc. (formerly the BFGoodrich Company).

Product marking shall meet the requirements of ASTM F 442 and the Listing agency. Marking shall include: the phrase Harvel® BlazeMaster® (or the manufacturers’ trademark when privately labeled); the nominal pipe size; the type of material and material designation code; the SDR series and pressure rating for water (SDR 13.5; 175 psi @ 150 °F); the ASTM designation F 442; the logo of the Listing and Approval agencies (UL, FM, LPCB, etc.); the independent laboratory’s seal of approval for potable water usage (NSF-pw); the date and time of manufacture; and the UL assigned control number (2N95).

Thanks Marcel I didn’t think so but wasn’t sure. I’ve never seen it used as such before. Most likely some they had laying around and used it.

Not normally used for such except people that work for a sprinkler company that can bring the left over home for that use. :mrgreen::wink:
Expensive pipe. Holds 200 pound test for sprinkler systems and approved for chemical waste piping.

No problems with cement from orange to white pipe or anything?

It needs to have an NSF marking when used for potable water.

Although this type of pipe is more than adequate to perform as a waste pipe, it is not designed for that purpose, and not listed for that purpose.

It is listed for use as BlazeMaster pipe for use on sprinkler systems and not listed for DWV piping as we normally see.

So by the letter of all the naysayers, it is not technically the right pipe for that use.

Between you and me, there is no problem I can see. It is a CPVC and can even be used for potable water.

Hope that answers your question.

"It was observed that a cpvc material piping better known as BlazeMaster has been used for drainage piping for the garage sink waste.
That pipe used is listed as for use in sprinkler systems meeting the NFPA 13, and 13R for residential and commercial use.
It is not listed for DWV piping. Consultation with the local AHJ for your district would be prudent on its acceptance for that use. "


Thanks again Marcel may I use that?

I typed it for your use. No problem.
Make sure to check all the writings on the pipe, for it might be adequate for that use as Mike Larson mentioned and the notations on the link in the last paragragh. :slight_smile:

Got it thanks

Not being a smartass, but… just curious for discussion sake. What if the seller had spray painted the pipe gloss black (yes, I have seen this done). Would you have even noticed, or cared, as it is an unpressurized, gray-water, waste pipe only? Comments?

This house had a well lite crawlspace so it was easy to spot. Regardless I follow all the pipes anyways and would have ran into it following along anyways. When pipes are subject to UV rays they should be painted black. Your right it is serving its purpose.

DWV elbows are not true 90 degree bends in order to maintain proper fall to horizontal runs. That is one difference between DWV pipe and NON DWV pipe.