CPVC question for this evenings client

Working on report for client and going to hand deliver and review this PM…So if anybody has anything on this great…didnt want to post in emergency forum…Thanks. Its been touched on the boards before ,but still need clarification on a couple of things. Are the couplings/fittings and glue…specific to the orange “fire sprinkler rated” 1/2"CPVC …While I didnt notice any thing on pipe relating to sprinkler use (honestly I didnt look) I think that is its typical use. I did however notice the more conventional off white CPVC fittings with a never seen before white glue used. There were 3 or 4 places like what is shown in picture present with failing joints w/ drips present…

The orange sprinkler CPVC from some manufacturers is rated for potable water up to 150°F at 175 psi. That temperature will not cut it since the water heater can range up to 160°. Ratings should be printed on the pipe itself.

As far as the solvent they used, that’s a hard call to make in person let alone using a photo. If there are multiple leaks I would simply call them out and make a note of the possibility of problems with the fittings and solvents used. Then refer all of it to a qualified plumbing contractor.

As an educational issue, I just talked with Blazemaster, one of the largest suppliers of the orange CPVC for fire systems. Regular white CPVC joints and connectors are not allowed. They are not rated the same. This may be the reason there are leaks.

Nice info Steve, thanks for contacting them.

Real good info…thanks very much…Wish I had gotten a closeup of pipe for manufacture name etc…I know I have never seen it sold or worked with it myself in the last 25 years.