Any thoughts on this????

Found this in a hall closet and when i went to the crawl space it just seems to be part of the water line. What are you thoughts

It’s most likely a loop for a future water softener system.

Mike, apparently, has access to my thoughts, too. :neutral:

Probably future hydroponic irrigation piping.


There is CPVC water piping in the closet that we recommend that you ask the current owners about.

It doesn’t look like CPVC to me, if it is, they used the wrong “glue.”

PVC is not allowed for interior use as supply piping - regardless of its application.

Good call Jeff. :smiley:

Supply or waste?

Simply recommend that a Plumber remove this nuisance piping.

Could it be a (or an additional) water service shut off so a person would not have to access the crawl space to shut off the water? PVC is used aound here often for service lines.


Can’t be sure of the piping material until you see this;


I’ll bet you a dollar it’s PVC. It’s way too white for CPVC, but I would have still looked for the markings.

Check your local codes. Most model codes don’t allow for PVC pipes for distribution within the residence, but most allow service piping to be PVC.

Kinda what I was thinking too especially if it’s a weekend or vactaion home.

Just for grins, Jeff, I’ll take that bet. Compared to the white baseboard around it, it looks kinda yellowish…like, you guessed it, cpvc.:smiley: