Is this okay?

Saw this arrangement today. Does this need more venting where the
top waste line drops in? It is the laundry waste line, which is vented fine on the other end.


Does that PVC connect straight down into ABS?

It does, Mark. Already called that. Good eye, though.
Just wondering about the unvented drop. The laundry trap is about 8’ feet away.


Should be vented as high as possible, is there a washing machine on the side that looks to be 2". If so thats not proper, it will blow waste water straight through to the other fixture.

If the top drain pipe in your pic is for the washer and is properly vented at the other end, I see no need for more venting.

In the plumbing world you dont wash a major past a minor fixture. A washer being a major and sink or any other fixture which is not emptied via pump, with the exclusion of a toilet which may or may not be considered a major depending upon local building officials. They keep reverting back to old code when it suits them.

Thanks, Marcel. I thought so, but just checking.


I agree you cant see the other end of the pipe. It could have: An auto vent, A loop vent or it could connect to the stack in the attic. We cant tell from this one picture.

I could see the vent on the other end. It was exposed for part of the wall.