In the picture, I think the taller of the two pipes is supposed to be the vent. Its not doing much good as is. Besides that, it terminates inside the home.


Some jurisdictions will allow installation of an AAV here. It looks like they installed/relocated the laundry hook-ups and just didn’t know what to do with the vent.

Isnt the vent on the wrong side of the trap?

Uhh, yep. Wow, I looked right past that :roll:


looks like they have a problem with the washer draining.

This other pipe was installed to take the extra water.

Unusual, but since there is a trap it may not be a big deal.

Still state that this is not a normal install.

See the difference than saying it is wrong?

Yeah. My whole point of showing this was the fact the the vent was on the wrong side of the trap. Someone didn’t know what they were doing when they installed this. Looks like one of those do-it-yourself jobs.

For my own education…
You referring to the fact that it’s after the trap, instead of before it, correct?

The vent is on the wrong side of the trap, it should be after the trap. Hope this helps.

If the vent, in this case, was after the trap you would have to have a ‘Surevent’ installed.

Mr. Pope did mention that in the second post to this thread.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but I was posting to insure that I was understood. Correcting myself.

BTW a vent installed in the above example would serve no purpose.

That also has been aluded to.:o

so we all agree the vent, if that is what it was set up for, is on the wrong side of the trap. Maybe it was set up for two washers…
also, the stand pipes are toooooo long, momentum will blow out the trap.