Question on sink trap

This is a laundry sink in the basement. There is no trap directly under the sink but as you can see there is one further down the drain line. Would this be something you would call out needing correction (installing the trap under sink)?


As long as there is sufficient pitch to the drain pipe I wouldn’t call it out.
I would comment on the PVC to ABS connection though!

Hmmm… where does the other line come from? Stand pipe? Vent-AAV?

PVC–> ABS is okay with the proper glue used.

The rule is that fixture traps need to be no more than 24 inches vertically from the fixture, and 30 inches horizontally.

I’m not sure if there are any exceptions.

Vent maybe?:slight_smile:

Here are some more pix. Line from left is from kitchen & washer. Large line above is from bathroom.

Interesting… does that create an** S-Trap** where it enters at the waste lateral?

I don’t think so. Main waste line is/was horizontal.

There is still a vertical drop where the drain enters it though. Technicality, but even so.

The horizontal vent is below the flood rim and not meet code

I don’t have a problem with the trap for the laundry sink.

However, if that is the sole trap for the kitchen sink or washing machine, it is too far from those fixtures. If that is an additional trap for those fixtures, it is a defect because you are not supposed to double-trap a fixture.

P.S. Incorrect union of PVC and ABS plastic.