Is this black polybutylene piping?

Need a little help to verify this black piping. I have only come across the grey polybutylene piping, not any black. I just inspected a 1980 mobile home with grey shutoff valves, black plastic supply lines and silver crimp connectors & I could not see any visible mfg writing/labels on the pipes to verify. It looks like the grey polybutylene, only black. Am i correct, is this black polybutylene piping?

Most likely yes it is black poly.

Be careful how you write it up. Without labels you should list it as “suspected”.

  • most commonly grey in color, but they can also be white, silver, black or blue. Blue PB is used primarily outdoors and should only be used to carry cold water. Inspectors should be aware that black or white pipes might not be polybutylene (they might be polyethylene or PVC, respectively). Also, PB color is somewhat region-dependant. For instance, experienced home inspectors in California might never come across grey PB, while it is quite common elsewhere;
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What did you see in the crawl? No way the vapor barrier is still 100% intact after 35 years.

I’ve seen black poly dozens of times in mobile/manufactured homes around here.

JJ droppin the straight facts as usual! Great response once again sir