Powder Post Beetles or White Pocket Fungus?

I recently did an inspection at a home and the unfinished part of the basement with plank sub-flooring had what looked to be powder post beetle holes all over. I sub contract to a pest control inspector with over 40 years of experience and he said they were powder post beetles.

The seller got another opinion and his pest inspector said they were evidence of white pocket fungus.

Now, they may want to get a third opinion. Just curious what you think? I’ve attached a picture.

Looks like some type of insect to me, but irregardless some of this stuff is treated with the same chemicals.
also sounds like it not your problem.

If it were powder post beetles, where is the frass? None there that I can see. Regardless of whether it is on a vertical or horizontal surface, I have never seen beetle damage without frass around almost every hole.

Found this on white rot with similar characteristics.


Maybe it looks different in person, but it doesn’t look like powder post damage in that photo.


First time I’ve had this pest inspector be questioned. The lack of frass does raise a concern though that it could be white rot instead.

does not look like beetle damage

A third pest inspector said the same thing, no evidence of powder post beetles. Now I either need to get certified myself or hire a different company.

Thanks for the input guys!

I am just adding my opinion. I do not believe lack of frass means much. This could be old damage and the dust gone and fallen IMO (on my 13" screen hard to see). I have seen plenty of damage where there are areas of a home with no dust and other areas with dust. The dust I use as a indicator that the damage MAY be more current and not yet fallen or blown away, whatever. Also I have had more than one situation where a professional comes and says “oh its old nothing to do here”. There are more than a few types of beetles and damage looks can vary. Also “old damage” is not acceptable IMO because those beetles can lay dormant for varying amounts of time and no pest professional has ever stepped up and said “i guarantee they wont come back” atleast so far. I have been a pest professional in the past (i did not like dealing w/chemicals nor did i in my youth follow all the handling rules) and have family that has been doing this for years 30+. Even though their knowledge is not mine I do benefit from the immediate resource of knowledge when needed. I do think though you did your part and if the professional walks away saying its all good then… Now all this said your guys said “not even beetle damage” soooo.